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Pos Text Effects  v.1.10

Pos Text Effects is a free, user friendly and very intuitive tool for creating text effects from the authors of Photo Pos Pro, the best free professional photo editor. The software allows you to easily create stunning text effects with few clicks!

Text Effects by Blaiz Enterprises  v.1.00.571

FREE - Create stunning 3D, multicolor, shaded, rotatable text for that special

Text Effects  v.v1.00.558

Create stunning 3D, multicolor, shaded, rotatable text for that special web image/logo, advertising flier, greeting card. Features: *Text shading (depth, angle, multicolor)*Rotate text 90, 180, 270 degrees *Horizontal/Vertical/Flip/Mirror text

RVE - Realtime Video Effects  v.20031019

Renders realtime effects on a video played by MPlayer (with bmovl), such as moving/fading text, statistics from a live event or whatever other ideas are integrated. Creating new effects is easy, even without extensive C++

Pattaizer  v.1.3

Do for free what professional applications do: paint pictures from patterns. It has a vast palette of creating photorealistic effects from any picture or photograph. Including changing patterns and create video footage. Nine predefined patterns and a

Starry Wishes Christmas Screensaver  v.1.0

A cool screensaver with great text effects and animation transitions. This one is designed to cater to your visual senses. Install now for a truly delightful display on your screen for Christmas.

SnipEditor - Html & CSS Editor  v.1.0

SnipEditor is a simple free editor for editing & instantly previewing html code, but can handle larger projects too - all in one window! It comes with over 30 examples including mouseovers, text effects, link effects, css examples, graphics, color

Word Artist  v.1.2

The easy way to create all sorts of amazing text effects. Word Artist contains many text styles and effects. For example the Google logo. ABC blocks, Buttons, Newspaper and Magazine cutouts. Bronze, copper, silver, and gold effects. Retro, Pop Art,

PitchCraft EZ for Mac OS  v.1.0

Corrects pitch problems in vocal or instrumental recordings. Its high-quality algorithm corrects pitch, while formant correction retains the voices natural sound. PitchCraft EZ can also be used for creating special effects, such as those used by

ConGUI-Lib  v.1.0

ConGUI-Lib is a library for creating text-user-interfaces. It is written in C++, using the object-oriented paradigm, to provide an easy way to create TUIs.

MyBuzzBooks  v.1.0

MyBuzzBooks is a FREE electronic scrapbook that allows to design, publish and distribute projects on CD or USB memory stick. The functionality includes creating text fields, buttons and hyperlinks, pasting images and attaching documents.

Pro Wrestling Superstar  v.1.0

Pro Wrestling Superstar is a Pro Wrestling game based on the Superstar Pro Wrestling game from the mid-to-late 1980's. The underlying engine provides a framework for creating text based action and/or role-playing games.

Pad for Python  v.1.0

Pad (Python ADventure) is a python library for creating text adventures..

ShSh, syntax highlight for your shell  v.1.0

Colors and text effects are useful when you are reading your log files or when you are using base shell commands. ShSh is a set of skinnable commands that do it for you! ShSh scripts are written on PHP but are usable only on command line interface.

Kent Modelling Framework  v.1.0

KMF is a Java based set of libraries (a framework) that support MDE. Including: An OCL-based collections library; Support for creating text and graphical DSLs; Code generation support. It is developed around the Eclipse platform.

Config::Maker  v.0.007

Config::Maker is a tool and a perl library for creating text files from templates and configuration values.

Easy Banner Creator (Free Edition)  v.1.0

Easy-to-use tool for creation of animated or static banners in seconds without graphic skills.Your own banners will make your website successful and will attract new visitors. The program contains the animation effect "Running text".

Flash Banner Maker for Mac  v.1.00

With AnvSoft Flash Banner Maker for Mac, you can easily create gorgeous flash banners in SWF format and html file for flash intros or for building website. You can add any image backgroud from your hard drive and choose from the 50+ animation effects for.

Image Broadway  v.5.12 Build 005101215

Image Broadway lets users create and edit graphic images with special effects like a pro in just minutes. From simple tasks to advanced image editing capabilities, Image Broadway does it all and does it very well. It offers state-of-the-art digital

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